Tips on Choosing from among the Most Popular Wedding Songs

Music plays an important role in the unfolding of each wedding celebration. In fact there is no wedding to be displayed without the presence of music. The chosen tunes have always the gift to enhance the atmosphere, not to mention that it can emotionally outline the feelings that have accompanied the marrying couple into tying the knot in this special day of their life. While many couples would choose the most popular wedding songs to guide their steps within the performance of each part of the ceremony, there are other couples who would rather opt for other tunes that are more contemporary to their times. The following tips will allow you choose from among the well known songs that are performed within every wedding ceremony:

Most Popular Wedding SongsSource

Most Popular Wedding Songs

* If you plan to celebrate the ceremony in a religious manner but you do not want to make your bridal entrance on the tunes that your MC has in church’s musical repertoire for wedding festivities, then talk to your minister to get an approval for those songs you are more comfortable with. So instead of choosing the well known “Here comes the bride” or “Trumpet Voluntary” you could opt for ‘A page is turned’ by Bebo Norman , “Endless Love” or “The Wedding Song (There Is Love)” that count also as most popular wedding songs.

* If you plan your wedding celebration in a less formal background, and arrange for this one to be held in the backyard of your family house, then you can browse online in order to find what options are there available as most popular wedding songs, others than the classical format. You can as well stick to these options and hire a string quartet to perform them live or a classic guitar player who can assist only with the choice of wedding songs for the casual type of ceremony.

Most Popular Wedding Songs Source

Most Popular Wedding Songs

* Make sure that the contemporary tunes you select bear within their lyrics and tunes meaningful feelings and words to accurately describe your innermost beliefs that you hold towards this special day.

* As a Christian wedding couple the choice for the most popular wedding songs won’t be too hard considering that there is usually the worship place that can dictate the choice of songs for the religious ceremony. As to the reception part, this task can be achieved while deciding to hire a DJ who can play successful tunes that are considered the best and the most wanted by the large audience.

* Hiring a DJ is most of the times an option that will provide for you with best choices of wedding music, since these professionals have the experience into setting the right mood for entertaining the invitees.  You can find their services also displayed online together with various comments of their customers they used to perform their services for.

Most Popular Wedding Songs Source

Most Popular Wedding Songs

* The toughest part into selecting the most popular wedding songs is when you need to make a list of these songs that are meant to be representative for the specific part of the wedding celebration. Hundreds of songs are there available, but to make sure that you go with the ones that are specific for your own style and feelings, you must join your groom into selecting those which have quite a meaning for you both.

* After making a list of the most representative songs consider choosing the ones that are appropriate for the specific parts, such as one for your first dance moment, one for father and daughter dance, mother and son dance and of course, the last dance that ends the wedding party. These moments are the most emotional ones, given the ‘characters’ involved in their unfolding, therefore you should choose them with the uppermost consideration.

Most Popular Wedding Songs Source

Most Popular Wedding Songs

* At the cocktail hour you should include the most popular wedding songs that are included as big hits of the moment. For instance you can choose “Say Hey (I Love You)” by Michael Franti and Spearhead as a great song which is also very favored among the most recent hits of the 2010 music charts.

As a bottom line: the days of making your bridal entrance to the Pachelbel’s Canon in D are over. As beautiful and emotional these tunes of classical music might sound they do not count any more among the range of choices for the most popular wedding songs of the brides and grooms. This is why you should go instead with other contemporary popular tunes to enhance the atmosphere of your wedding celebration.

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