Traditional Mexican Wedding Dresses

Living in another country doesn’t imply that you should forget about your origins and your traditional values. These features are actually part of who you are, they have shaped your personality and culture, therefore when as a Mexican woman you live in another country you would want to go back to your origins by wearing a Mexican wedding dress for the celebration of your important day.

Mexican Wedding DressesSource

Mexican Wedding Dresses

Weddings are events that take place in a festivity that celebrates tradition, cultural values of the country of origin, so it is more than your duty to run the Mexican wedding ceremony dressed in a Mexican bridal gown that you can find to order online.

Mexican Wedding Dresses Source

Mexican Wedding Dresses

Browsing through online pages you can find various stores selling Mexican wedding dresses designed in the original style with elements that make this attire be different from any other traditional wedding gown. It is true that many Mexican brides residing in other countries can choose the Western style of bridal attire, but if during this important day of their life they do not choose to go back to their roots, when would they do that?

Mexican Wedding Dresses Source

Mexican Wedding Dresses

Looking online you should find Mexican wedding dresses to include also a mantilla veil, a bolero or even find a dress designed in Flamenco style with rich ruffle elements cascading on the skirt until they brush the floor. You can find also a traditional wedding dress made of a light fabric (white poplin) with short sleeves and the dress falling loosely until it reaches the ankles.

Embroidery is done in silk thread representing multicolored birds and flowers in pinks, oranges, blues, purples, and greens. Another choice comes in red colored fabric (also poplin) having also the hand made embroidery detail for the neckline, sleeves and on the front side of the loose dress.

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