Traditions are a burden to respect- fancy bridal accessory of a blue touch

Tradition says a bride is not ready for the big day unless she has a few more things, 4 to be more exact: “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. Each and every of these items represent the life itself and as it is believed it will bring good luck to the bride, prosperity. Especially the blue element is something that won’t miss to be present at the bride, in the past the bride’s color symbol actually as nowadays is white.

Something Blue Bridal Brooch

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It’s not at all something hard to respect brides say and while many of them buy the blue garter if they can combine blue as accessory visible with others colors they have for the outfit today we bring into your attention the something blue bridal brooch. One of a million others ideas of adding blue to your bridal look the brooch is something convenient from many points of view:

Something Blue Bridal Brooch

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  • It can be at the same time the something old or new, or borrowed too. Your mother’s brooch for example, a great honor and a tradition going further with another generation.
  • It can be the detail in your bouquet in the brooch modern one or not part of it but the design- for the cases when the brooch stands on the bottom part of the bouquet, where the flowers are wrapped in satin and closed in pins.
Something Blue Bridal Brooch

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  • You can add it to your outfit- for example in the middle of a bow at your waist back line.
  • Be inventive and make that something blue bridal brooch a hairpiece accessory.
  • It can become a clip to your shoes or accessory added to your bridal bag.


As you can see the something blue bridal brooch can have various forms of wearing and so it becomes one desirable accessory. Depending on its design and shape too prices vary, $7 for a quite simple one, $14 for a vintage design, $36 and going up…etsy has a lot of offers.


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