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It becomes almost an obsession for brides to be to have an impeccable, just perfect look at the wedding. Some that meet the weight fluctuation are willing even to recur at starvation just to fit in the wedding dress. But sometimes it’s not enough, the tonus is something you don’t get in a short time plus that unaesthetic parts of your belly, sides waist may be visible under the dress. For a slimmer and perfect line contour of your body we recommend to wear a control high waist shaper.

Medium Control High Waist Shaper Brief

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With no need to excuse yourself for the need of this not just chubby brides recur to that. Probably an eating disorder lately because of the wedding stress, it’s a higher water retention, some may have back side kidneys problems and something tight under cloths may give them a better mood, it doesn’t matter the cause but the fact that you have a solution. This magnificent as result item is about:

Medium Control High Waist Shaper Brief

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  • Cotton made panties and waist shaper so your skin will breathe propyl, you don’t have to worry that it becomes a burden to wear them, impossible for a too hot day, being in perspirations etc.
  • They suck your belly, model your waist and hips and pump your bottom. With a sort of elastic composition it fits you as a glove and acts as a flattening procedure.
Medium Control High Waist Shaper Brief

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  • It can be a pair of panties with prolonged waist until high almost under the bust, just the waist control, long on legs too until knees. Depending on your needs it can be a complete body control shaper or a partial one.


It can be white so perfect for brides, ivory or black, skin tone too. In neutral colors to fulfill your request no matter the outfit this costs you $30.


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