Twice in this posture means experience gained- second wedding and reception planned

Weddings are emotional and stressful at the same time. Besides your personal satisfaction to make it all perfect for this unique event it is about pleasing others too, your guests. Many things you don’t know and after the passed event you have regrets maybe. For those that are at their second experience of such kind things should be different. So today we come with ideas to explore about how to plan a wedding reception for a second wedding.

How to plan a wedding reception for a second wedding

First it comes the need and desire to make it all different than the first; not just in the name of the frustration for what it was before but for the idea of a new fresh start wanted. What you missed first you’ll have it now but not to exaggerate though. With the conception many have about second weddings lot of couples prefer the simple modest way.

How to plan a wedding reception for a second wedding

How to plan a wedding reception for a second wedding is not a too different task than those that are at their first experience. You know a few things, vendors, how things go and how to negotiate, you take the first time wedding as guide so to know what to avoid. In concrete pieces of advice take into account:

How to plan a wedding reception for a second wedding

  • If you will have guests that were at the first wedding too and here referring to the family and siblings more make it special and not with common grounds as at the first event. From location to flowers types impose with this wedding and make it not as a remembrance from the previous.
  • Depending on each one’s preferences usually the second time wedding reception won’t have the same traditions, from the tossing the garter or/and the bridal bouquet to the procession and the bride walking down the aisle with the father or something like that. Not even a rehearsal dinner required.
  • How to plan a wedding reception for a second wedding brings the need to experience this second time as the first so all to be new. No used dress mostly to be the one you got married first, the same for the rings.


Not spontaneous but with less pretences formalities and etiquettes will be the best way to make the resume of a second time planned wedding reception. So that the location to be something quiet and secluded, a beach why not, with wearing casual wedding attire, bare foot and something informal is the ideal way for many.

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