Various Unusual Styles of Bridal Shoes

When you consider looking for your wedding gown have you also thought of the style of shoes you want to wear? There are brides who want to go for the sandal style, or the dye-able pumps while there are others deciding to wear more un-conventional styles such as flip flops or ballerina shoes. If you want to opt for unusual bridal shoes, then you shouldn’t look that far, as these shoes can be found online as various creations of fashion designers.

Unusual Bridal Shoes

Unusual Bridal Shoes

There are shoes that are created in the form of high heeled strapped sandals that have the heel made in the form of a stylized maze or Roman flat sandals made of golden straps that climb up under the knee. It is known that as a bride you would have to go for the unusual bridal shoes that offer you great comfort considering that you would spend most of your time standing and you wouldn’t want to end with all swollen feet due to uncomfortable footwear.

Unusual Bridal Shoes

Unusual Bridal Shoes

If you have decided on this unconventional style of your wedding attire, then looking for your unusual bridal shoes should constitute one of your priorities right after you have found the wedding gown. One thing you need to consider among others when choosing the wedding dress: if it is a floor length-ed dress you can choose with a longer hemline that you can easily adjust once you come across your bridal shoes and need to be seen from under you dress hemline. For this detail you can be assisted by a professional seamstress and will have it done in a matter of few hours depending on the fabric of the dress and the width of the skirt.

Now that this aspect is settled, you should consider the design of your unusual bridal shoes. As mentioned before, they come as fashion designers creations so you won’t have too many problems in locating them. But if your wedding budget doesn’t allow you to spend that amount of money for a designer labeled product you can find ways to make you own unusual bridal shoes.

Unusual Bridal Shoes

Unusual Bridal Shoes

You should put your imagination at work. For instance, you can choose dye-able bridal shoes, mostly white colored and use various colors of sprays that can be used on materials. Then have your shoes sprayed in multiple colors, these ones being a combination of harsh colors with pastel ones, or a blend of colorful spots that can decorate your unusual bridal shoes.

Another choice could be to use artificial flowers and have them decorated your unusual bridal shoes. You can use small tiny flowers in more than one color to decorate the rim of the shoes and then a bigger artificial bloom to glue in the front. This bloom can be chosen in one color for one shoe and another color for the other shoe, for a greater visual effect.

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