Ways to Reuse Your Wedding Gown

If you consider the many hours spent into looking for the wedding gown and the hard time into making the choice on that specific one, it would be quite a pity to let it waste somewhere in the back range of your closet’s dresses and not find a way that will help you to reuse your wedding gown. Maybe you haven’t omitted to have the dress taken to the dry cleaner before placing it in the closet, and if you have omitted this aspect, maybe it is time to take this into account if you really plan to reuse it for the future times.

Reuse Wedding GownSource

Reuse Wedding Gown

Now that this thing is done, you should start thinking what is there that you can do with it. Here are some suggestions: You could think of re-tailoring it to fit your daughter as a communion gown, or if you do not have a daughter, then maybe you have a niece to re-shape the dress for her. Or maybe a friend of yours has a daughter who must attend a wedding as a flower girl. You can reuse wedding gown for this type of occasion, considering that the fabric is really a good one for flower girl attire.

Reuse Wedding Gown Source

Reuse Wedding Gown

In case your wedding gown is anything but white, you can consider re-designing it into a gown for special occasions. There are many qualified seamstresses who can help with this, so it shouldn’t be any problem. This is the best solution to reuse wedding gown which is off white, especially that the fabric is definitely the expensive type that matches for special occasion dress, or any style to be prefect for cocktail dress.

Reuse Wedding Gown Source

Reuse Wedding Gown

If you consult with the seamstress, together you will be able to see what the best type of special dress is there that you can obtain out of your wedding dress style. Of course that for a strapless fitted bodice dress you can not have other choice but keep the bodice and bring changes to the skirt and maybe in addition you can attach some sleeves of either colored lace or of the same fabric that the dress is made of.

Wholesale fabrics are available these days to choose from and you would definitely find the matching color and fabric for your colored wedding gown to turn it into a cocktail dress. Another way to reuse wedding gown is the classic one: preserve it correctly and appropriately for the wedding day  of your daughter or the fiancée of your son.

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