Wedding Cake Toppers

Your cake is not simply ‘party food’, but is a traditional part of the wedding celebration, with the happy couple cutting the first piece of cake and symbolically offering each other a bite.

Cake toppers are among the most high-profile pieces of wedding ceremony décor. From the traditionally elegant to the sophomorically funny, the right topper will set the tone for your entire reception.

A wedding cake topper is usually a small model that sits on top of the wedding cake. It is normally a representation of the couple in formal wedding attire, but it may also be the initials of the grooms. Whatever the choice, putting them on your wedding cake can be an expression of your personality and they make a considerable difference to the impact of what is arguably the centerpiece of your reception.

The wedding cake topper was dominant in United States weddings in the 1950s where it represented togetherness. Today, these decorative figurines are often part of the couple’s decorative theme or wedding reception style.

There are specific ones for the style and theme of the wedding; for instance, traditional toppers for a formal wedding, and for less formal ones, there are comical wedding cake toppers or ones depending on the couple’s hobbies. These figurines, along with photographs can be kept over the years, as a reminder of the big day.

Recently, wedding cake toppers have reflected the growing diversity in marriages. Multi-ethnic wedding toppers are now available, along with same-sex wedding toppers as well. After all, we already said they should represent your personality or that of your spouse.

When it comes to funny wedding cake toppers however the choice today is simply amazing and it is relatively easy now to focus in on some aspect of the bride’s or groom’s character, or perhaps a favorite hobby or pastime, and find a humorous wedding cake topper that will really attract your guests’ attention to the cake and raise at least a smile if not a laugh or two.

More and more people, cutting across geographical areas, cultures and social levels, seem to think so, if the blooming business for Wedding Cake Toppers is any indication. From being a niche market only 2 years ago, a search on the Internet will today throw up dozens of websites that specialize in made-to-order, funny cake toppers for weddings. A few websites even encourage and help the do-it-yourself kind of person to design their own funny wedding cake topping, for free, of course.

With a new industry dedicated to the design, production and sales of wedding toppers, it is easy to purchase one suited to your tastes and pockets. Options range from cheap plastic Toppers to expensive ones encrusted in crystal or even precious gems suited to a Maharajah. It is easy to turn your wedding cake into a personal statement, with such wonderful ornament.

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