Wedding Favors, the Western Style

Various choices are there available for those couples who have considered saying thank you in a special way for their western styled wedding guests, and this is done through presenting western wedding favors as a token of appreciation for your invitees’ attendance. Most of the times, guests arriving at a wedding that is celebrated outdoors by a farm or a barn or a garden decorated in western countryside style are not expecting these sorts of gifts, so the surprise will definitely reach its purpose. Down below you will be presented with some choices for these wedding favors:

Western Wedding FavorsSource

Western Wedding Favors

* You can say ‘thank you’ to your guests in the musical form. You can buy them a CD with country music, that type of music that is pleasant for everyone’s ears and hearts. The best idea would be to compile the best hits that this type of music has produced over the years.

* At Western you can find miniature metal pails at the price of $1.50/piece that can be used as candle holder for scented candles as well. When presenting this western wedding favor you can attach to the handle a thank you not that is designed in an elegant style to contrast with the design of metal pail. Another choice could be to fill these pails with candies before presenting them to your invitees.

Western Wedding Favors Source

Western Wedding Favors

* At Wed Themes you can find western wedding favors that can be suitable for a wild west theme, the old fashion style when cowboys were riding the plains and stagecoaches were the main mean of public transportation.  Here are some ideas related to the Wild, Wild, West themed wedding celebration and its specific favors:

1. You can present them with a bandana that has tied up inside poker chips and a deck of cards.

Western Wedding Favors Source

Western Wedding Favors

2. Flasks or small formats of bottles filled with wine that is home made. In t he country side many people reach to produce their own wine which is definitely healthier and stringer than the one you can see on the market.  The bottle can be presented with a thank you note attached to the bottle neck and tied with a colorful bow.

3. Bags that are filled with chocolate coins wrapped in golden foil to replicate the gold that ancestors came to dig and search the regions for.

* Another option for your western wedding favors could be the specific cowboy boots that appear in so many styles and materials they are made of. There are for instance, glass boots that come as tequila shots. Or there are boots that come as decorative items made of wood or plastic some of them being designed as a flower vase to fill it with wild blooms for a more authentic look.

Western Wedding Favors Source

Western Wedding Favors

* Cowboy hats can b e great ideas to present your guests with. They will make a funny detail when you decide to take an overall photo of your wedding reception with everybody wearing the hat. You could stage for the next photo to betaken when everybody is throwing the hat in the air and you with your white wedding gown in the middle of this crowd.

* The same cowboy hats can be presented in a miniature format with a lot of items to fill them. Some can be used as a mean to offer candies to your guests, others can come as flower pots with petunia or gentian violets blooms in them. It would be great if the bloom colors would match the colors of your western wedding and the decorations you have incorporated in the overall ambiance of your wedding.

Western Wedding Favors Source

Western Wedding Favors

Always look for the most popular ways of finding these gifts, either inside your local supplier store which should be always updated with new items that can be perfect gifts for your wedding invitees. Or you can search online where it seems that the imagination of these online suppliers is almost endless not only for these western wedding favors, but also for any other type of gift. It is nice to choose those gifts that come as a completion of the wedding theme the same you have come up with when it was about finding the other details that have been selected as parts of the composition of your wedding celebration. Take a look in almost every site that opens when doing the online research and pick up from there something that you consider either very funny and pleasant to the eye and heart or something that comes as a perfect addition to the style of your wedding celebration and to your style as well.

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