Weddings differentiate in theme, time and style but not in etiquettes

You think that your wedding has others rules. Well each event of such kind has rules imposed by the couple so you give the tone in everything as manner to plan it. Also, each event of such kind is special in its way even though following the same acts of the play. But in the end with small differences from type to type the weddings have an unwritten code of rules, the etiquette that shows first respect for the couple.

Spring wedding etiquette

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We soon start a new fresh season so we take the example of the spring wedding etiquette. And in main parts for that it is about:

Spring wedding etiquette

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  • In the same general way style for all weddings of all kinds and time of the year don’t wear white. It is exclusively for the bride, and since being at this part, when it comes about choosing the outfit stick to soft nuances; it is spring so it is too much to come with an intense red look.
  • Even though a spring wedding takes your mind to something less formal but casual it’s not an obligatory fact to be so. According to the invitation you receive, to the details of the wedding you have figure out what’s the wedding style.
Spring wedding etiquette

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  • One of the most frequent mistakes is to associate the wedding with holidays. For this case of spring time event it will be obviously the Easter time coming. No, the wedding is special so and doesn’t have to come correlated with that holiday. So any gifts you buy avoid this “theme”.
  • Don’t be late at the party and//or ceremony, neither the last to go.


All things considered, with all these taken into account the spring, summer or any season wedding etiquette should be just enough to make a good impression.

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