What Colors to Use for July Wedding?

Weddings are indeed celebrations of white color, the color of purity and dedication, but apart from the extensive use of this color, there are additional colorful details introduced in the wedding unfolding, most of these colors choices going for the meaning they carry within. Along with this criterion, there are other determinant factors to decide for the choice, such as: the wedding season, the theme, as well as the color scheme if there is one and/or the preferred venue, especially when it comes to outdoor weddings. Having the wedding celebrated for the month of July you would want to coordinate the decorative elements using the appropriate colors for wedding in July.

Colors For Wedding in JulySource

Colors For Wedding in July

Once the colors are chosen, you could easily start to connect the wedding elements between themselves and slowly but surely combine them in a perfect unity and harmony. There are various color scheme to use for a wedding celebrated in the month of July, and the choice will be merely up to your taste, style and personality. Not to mention that you would want to pick those colors that have a meaning to go with your innermost feelings and emotions related to this important event. Keep in mind that the season of July is actually the full unfolding of summertime when Mother Nature celebrates its colors with the beautiful displaying of blooms of all sorts of hues and a wide range of color palettes. Now let’s see what your choices are:

Colors For Wedding in July Source

Colors For Wedding in July

* Going for natural colors – if the wedding is performed outdoors a good idea would be to go for the colors that are displayed in the plain nature. In this way you can easily benefit from the joyful array of colors your task being merely to decide upon one, two or at least three colors for the unfolding of the wedding ceremony and reception. First of all look around and you will see the explosion of bright yellow, of passionate red and light purple in the presence of the blooms displayed all over the place. For the ceremony moment you can go for the presence of white and red, or yellow and light purple, and for the evening moment you can combine white, red and yellow or red and yellow, or white and light purple, in case you haven’t picked a color scheme.

Colors For Wedding in JulySource

Colors For Wedding in July

* Consider the color wheel and see from down there what color for wedding in July can be more appropriate for your own style and personality. You can as well choose an occupational color scheme or colors that go for your hobbies, such as blue and white for outdoor activities lovers, or green and light brown with light shades of yellow for wedding couples working in military field.


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