Winter Weddings

A winter wedding can be terribly glamorous, cinematic and magical. With the right elements, your winter wedding will be a wonderland.

Also holding it in the winter you can save up to half the cost of a traditional summer wedding and get more for your money since winter is considered as “off wedding season”.

Winter Weddings

First you need to find the perfect location for your fabulous winter wedding; look  for an inn with a fireplace for an intimate winter wedding.

For a larger affair, you may be able to use a historic mansion or private club that will still have intimate warmth.

Unless you’re getting married in a state that will have guaranteed snow during your wedding date, avoid a room that has a large picture window.

You may imagine drifts of beautiful snow, and end up with a grey rainy day. Be sure to ask what seasonal decorations they use – you’ll save money as many sites are already heavily decorated.

Also, check to make sure your site will be adequately heated during the winter months; old churches can be especially drafty.

Winter Weddings

If the place is not season decorated, consider a less-is-more approach to your color palette: silver and white with crystal accents can add some serious glamour to your winter wedding.

For your ceremony, try a white velvet aisle runner trimmed with white satin ribbon, or decorate the altar with a crystal curtain backdrop adorned with hanging strands of elegant white phalaenopsis orchids.

For a special touch you can travel by horse and carriage to the reception, and don’t forget about the fur throw to keep you warm of course!

When you think of winter wedding flowers there are some immediate varieties that come to mind: roses in rich shades (also white roses can add an unexpected touch to your wedding flowers), calla lilies and sweet peas.

Another seasonally appropriate choice is the stephanotis, which bares a resemblance to the snowflake.

Think about interspersing crystal adornments into your bouquet for an added element of shimmer.

Winter Weddings

When choosing your winter wedding menu selections one thing should stand out: warmth. From rich, hearty soups to thick chili, winter weddings are made for warm fare.

Also the winter cocktail hour calls for warm, comforting drinks.

You really can’t go wrong with hot chocolate and warm apple cider, but it’s your wedding — why not take every opportunity (drinks included) to add an element of surprise?

Consider serving eggnog, spiced wine, or hot chocolate (alcoholic or non-) as special treats. Look for an all-white cake, decorated with snowflake patterns, silver embellishments, or sugar sculptures.

Ask your caterer about using a decorative snow globe as a cake topper.

Food wedding favors are always a hit, but if cookies or truffles seem out of fashion, try new treat ideas to send your guests home satisfied.

Give out small packages of chocolate-covered cranberries or roasted chestnuts. You can even have your caterer set up a hot chocolate and churros station to top off the evening.

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