Yellow’s delicacy and freshness to define your wedding decor

How do you choose the wedding color/s? Some just have a personal preference, others inspire from nature and season of their wedding. Today’s suggestion for you is yellow. Either combined with others colors, either just yellow it is an instant vivid and joyful decor created. Mostly correlated with spring or summer time weddings would you choose it?

Yellow Wedding Ideas

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Besides being a color to like yellow can come in a perfect combination for balance. In other words to be the second wedding color when the first is something strong, dark. Perhaps you need a little bit of inspiration so how about a few yellow wedding ideas?

Yellow Wedding Ideas

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  • To better illuminate or just decorate with lights your wedding location the yellow lanterns either hanging paper ones either the classic lights will create an astounding look and intimate frame.
  • Water lilies, roses, tulips, orchids, you have a long list of options for yellow flowers.
  • One ingenious and not that expensive decoration can be out of lemons. For example cups with lemons design to give as favors, for a garden wedding bottles or jars with lemons to be the vases where field flower stand.
Yellow Wedding Ideas

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  • Don’t combine yellow with white, it is a little bit too much for the eyes. Choose blue, grey, green, depending on your wedding theme and time of the year as well if wanting to make all representative for that.
  • The sunflower cake design sounds amazing and it looks the same. And this can be another yellow wedding idea, the shape of a decorative thing you can give as wedding favor-how about the sweet salt and pepper boxes-, the cupcakes too etc.


And in small details yellow can be present at the shoes, accessories of the bridesmaids, the boutonnieres, even the garter.


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