10 Useful Tips for Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is a metal ring indicating the wearer is married. After the religious ceremony, the ring is worn on the hand it had been placed on during the ceremony. By wearing rings on the fourth finger of their left hands, a married couple symbolically declares their eternal love for each other.

You probably have a familiar picture of two chained wedding rings present especially on wedding invitations. The wedding ring is the symbol of marriage, a union for life, so make sure you’ve made the right decision following these 10 useful tips:

First of all, remember that you will wear your wedding rings your entire life, so make sure you’ll choose a model that will last over the years without getting out of fashion. Choose wisely, you know what they say: less is more.

The chosen model must be comfortable. You can go to try it on in the afternoon or in the evening, when the fingers are a little bulky due to water retention.

Among your accessories the wedding ring is the one that you will wear all the time, so be sure it won’t grasp or scratch. Choose a well polished model.

Because most men are not accustomed to wearing rings, the model should not be massive. A thick ring will disrupt him and he might not wear it. Try to find a model that is comfortable on him and that he enjoys wearing.

Know the exact size for each of you. They must come perfectly, neither too tight nor too loose or you might end up loosing your wedding rings.

Choose the color depending on the metal of other jewelry. A little coordination won’t hurt. For instance if you’re wearing mostly gold than the wedding rings must be made out of gold, of course. This metal is great because it comes in different colors. White gold is very popular these days with the brides and the rings will match all of your other jewelry

Try out even the models that didn’t draw your attention at first. Just so you will realize if it’s an appropriate model. My advice is to try everything on, the wedding rings might look different on you and you might change your mind about them.

Because they are worn daily, wedding rings made out of 14 K gold are recommended. While 18 K gold wedding rings contain more gold, the 14 K is more resistant and will last better over the years.

You want a model with gemstones? Pay attention to the frame! It’s good that the surface is smooth and that the ring will withstand shocks.

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