1930`s Bridal Dresses

Fashion has been adapting nowadays lifestyle more and more. Fashion keeps changing season after season, year after year. It is also said that trends repeat themselves with every 20 years. Of course, with some modifications, but basically it comes back the same. Go and ask your mothers or grandmothers if they used to wear at some point of their life what you are wearing now if you don’t believe me!But have you ever thought of how fashion presented itself years ago? What was before nowadays fashion? What was trendy, what was “en vogue”?

First of all, wedding dresses of 1930s are being shown to us with longer lenghts, about four inches belowe the knee. The 1920s cut skirts very short, but the fashion designers of the 1930s thought it’s best to give up the mini skirts. Therefore, the preferable length for sleeves was long too. Sometimes, the sleeves were puffed.  Secondly, the wedding dresses were worn with something on the bride’s head, named a headdress, made of lace usually. It was a sign of purity and innocence.

Furthermore, the waistline has begun to shift upward. So a new type of silhouette was advertised according to the new fashion trends. Bias cut was also used along. The middle thirties took the length of the dress somewhere near the ankle, and the dress was worn with a bodice on the waist. Some even had trains. Lace and satin were some of the preferd fabric the gowns were made of. The hats also changed their form to keep up with the fashion of the 1930s. And some brides wore them.

It is estimated that a 1930’s trousseau was worth somewhere around 390$. It included the wedding gown, probably made of satin, a veil, which was never excluded, a 3 piece going away suit and a suitcase of other items which amounted to more than 5 types of dresses, a full coat, jackets, lingerie and more sundry items. More details can be found here, also along with other examples of fashion trends of the 1930s.

It’s not too different from the wedding dresses nowadays that want to imitate the fashion of those years, is it? As we can see, elements of couture form 1930s are still being used, with little transformations. And then again, try to imagine a wedding dress like the ones above, accessorised with some fine jewelry and a beautiful bouquet. Most of the bouquets of those years were made with white lillies, as a symbol of purity, but this wasn’t a rule. Shoes never had high heels, but medium or small ones.

In my opinion, 1930s fashion showed a woman that was still a child or at least considered a child that was starting her life just then. Little skin was shown. You could call these wedding dresses as being pretty much sober. But would you wear such a dress? Do you think it could rise up to the expectations nowadays fashion has?

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