A bridal dream- a wedding planned after trends

To follow the trends of the year is in any case something flattering. Embracing new ideas brings you the satisfaction of being on the same page with the modernism. It is any bride’s dream to have a trendy wedding and a trendy outfit. For each category of your wedding planning there is the biggest wedding trend for 2014 to count.


biggest wedding trend for 2014
Source: weddingideasmag.com


Wedding theme and details- trends

When it comes about the wedding concept the biggest wedding trend for 2014 is the fashion world of the 20s. Think about the great Gatsby; the luxuriant style, the golden touch brilliant elements in your decor are a must. If you don’t like this try the rustic style or the romantic outdoor wedding type. The art deco style, exquisite looks and crystals can also add to this.

To decorate the location of your wedding will be a really creative challenge since trends impose for things with a vintage look, those that you can do it yourself or which can be personalized. In any case now like never it counts to be original and impress with that.

For the bridal bouquet you have two options; either the peonies style either the eternal style with non-floral bouquet. Opt for the exquisite jewelry style or for the paper flowers.

The wedding cake should be chosen according to two major parts: taste- in that case it depends on the season and something that correlates with this and design- a great variety, personalized style is omnipresent but no matter what you choose don’t forget about the glittery style.

Wedding colors- trends

The star of this year is the vibrant orchid which brings the amazing fancy look you can use for the entire decor or just for parts of it. The biggest wedding trend for 2014 remains this but you can also go on the pastels pallet; add pale pink, peaches, sand, freesia or coral. Dazzling blue can also be an inspiring and great color for your trendy wedding.

Last, but not least, to announce such a big event you need the wedding invitations to stay in theme too. The trends for this category set the simplistic style, the minimalist design but in a romantic note with a personalized touch again- hand writing seems to be in vogue so it could turn to be a great idea for your case too.

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