A classic elegant wedding- black and white decor

Of all the colors to choose the combinations for the wedding decor you have in equation a lot of factors: to be something you like, a style that defines you, something representative for the wedding concept and not last something pleasant. That’s why in the fear to match colors some go on the classic styles but knowing for sure that will be the elegant touch: black and white weddings.

Black and White weddings
Photo Source: weddingwindow.com

There is a controversy about this since many associate black with something either too sober, either just inappropriate for such an event, corresponding with the sadness, maybe even mourning. But we take the positive part and nevertheless black touch and mostly in contrast is one exquisite choice.

Black and White weddings
Photo Source: projectwedding.com

Now it’s up to each one to decide which of the colors to give more importance if it can be said so, which color will predominate. But surely when it comes about the bride white is the primary color and black brings some design parts. Plus, there is a trend set for the 2013 the bridal dress to be colored, two tones, with black touch embroidery, lace.

Black and White weddings
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How will the cake be in black and white design? Either hand painted, either with flowers on it there is a long list version. Probably the concern will be higher for the flowers. And here you have two options: choose them all white and come in contrast with the black touch decor or insert in the white bouquet black callas or just the handmade flowers of a black touch.

But the splendor of black and white weddings isn’t for everybody so it depends on the wedding type, theme and location to make such a decision. A garden wedding wouldn’t be appropriate to be decorated with these colors.

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