A dreamy wedding, a dreamy location- El Capitan

Trying to find the best location for your wedding the exotic or the adventurous style you want to express is the leading point.

And since now is the perfect time for a beach wedding, relaxation and delight of the seaside El Capitan can be one of your options.

A beach wedding may seem a cliché after all as starting with the spring time and until fall all couples want to get married at the seaside.

Yet the location itself gives the magic aura and makes a difference.

El Capitan Beach Wedding
Photo Source: santabarbaravenues.com

Located in the state of California, near Santa Barbara this is a combination of simplicity into a romantic decor with option for those that want a real accommodation too.

Camping is also available so you have many ways as style for what wedding type you want to plan. Why here?

Maybe the distance from where you are has a word to say too but you can plan a destination wedding if you want, you have where to sleep before and after the event, you have the chance to an outdoor beach wedding like no other.

The facilities here can be another part of your inspiration, extend the time to stay here you can enjoy the nature in its splendor and with lots of activities from hiking to cyclic, relaxation in the real meaning of the word with the spa so all conditions for the high standards one may need and want.

It’s shortly said a fondle for your senses and deserved free time.

As for the El Capitan beach wedding you can enjoy the view to the ocean from inside or choose the outdoor version, with a background view you won’t forget.

It’s not what you can recreate as decor, only what nature offers. Rustic in a way, romantic in another, this is the location for a perfect special event.

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