A fancy style even for manicure

We are used to see brides wearing all white, a pure white dress and matching elements and accessories with such a look. It is a classic way, nothing wrong, yet to distinguish yourself from the simple style art deco manicure for wedding may be one idea.

In a contrast with the outfit, a plus of color or just a fancy way to accentuate the details the art deco manicure brings another esthetic test. Here are a few styles to inspire you:

art deco manicure for wedding
Source: confidentialness.com


Keeping the white base specific to a bride with the base a black triangle and then a glittery line.

Any intense nuance at the base and from the middle part a glittery polish delimit through a line in a v shape.

Geometrical lines, pyramids design with glittery polish over any base color, quite vintage and inspired from the Great Gatsby.

The cloud style allows you to mix more colors so in oblique lines delimit at least two contrasting nuances can be chosen.

The crescent moon, the striped style or even with dots the art deco manicure is versatile and so amazing each time. Preferred usually by sophisticated brides such a style will bring you a plus in your overall image.

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