A flattering style bridal dress is defined and named by Francesca Miranda

Asking a bride what’s a gorgeous dress you’ll hear as many brides asked as many answers. Of course that each one defines fashion and fabulous in a personal way. And while some like the accent on details others want the sexy cut. When all these combine into one collection the name is Francesca Miranda bridal dresses.

From simple to intricate design dress, from classic to astounding modern and asymmetric cut you find a style for each category. What would you say to wear a dress such as:

Francesca Miranda bridal dresses
Photo Source: brides.com
  • Isabella style in Francesca Miranda collection. It’s a dropped waist with strapless corset and sweetheart neckline. With a tulle folded skirt the bodice is interesting in design with its netting.
  • A line Francesca Miranda bridal dress. The top part is with sweetheart neckline but illusion style, lace adorned and natural waist. The skirt is the explosion, richness of layers, tiered and wavy fabric.
Francesca Miranda bridal dresses
Photo Source: francescamiranda.com
  • Luciana style Francesca Miranda bridal dress is a trumpet cut. With the same concept of illusion neckline the whole dress is covered with a layer of lace, all enhanced with big and detailed flowers.
  • Gardenia is a dress that really deserves its name so. It’s strapless and with sweetheart neckline, all pleated as design corset. The skirt is floor length and the magnificent design that defines the style name is about the petals and flowers design, sewn, with a golden touch line.
Francesca Miranda bridal dresses
Photo Source: onewed.com
  • Princess look Francesca Miranda bridal dress. In the classic way style it is a tulle skirt, floor length and with an A line cut, folded. But the top part is the amazing design, the strapless corset with embroidery and flowing lines over the skirt, over the natural waist.
Francesca Miranda bridal dresses
Photo Source: brides.com

Is Francesca Miranda your brand for the wedding dress choice?

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