A little bit of amusement at the bridal shower turns into a memorable and laughing about moment- games that not all brides would dare to play

The bridal shower is usually that sweet time when the bride to be gets to open her presents and with the help of her friends around to unpack and enjoy the party. But if it is to compare with the bachelorette party this is a gathering having as main purpose the gifts and thanks for that. So probably from this point of view no one expects at something wild but liking or not, at least to know what to avoid today we bring into your attention the daring bridal shower games.

Daring bridal shower games
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Maybe to revive the whole atmosphere such games are preferable by some. The bride is in difficulty!!! A few of the games that at such a party make furors and start laughs until tears are:

Daring bridal shower games
Photo Source: weddingpartyapp.com
  • Truth or dare. It’s a popular game when you choose either to confirm something as real fact in your life either you are provoked to do something. And a lap dance can be one idea and just one of the daring thoughts.
  • The striptease number. For a shy bride this may be a nightmare but fun too!
  • The drinking counter. Stressed about the incoming event and upset maybe on so many things this may be a cheering the bride up method.
Daring bridal shower games
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  • What’s in the bride’s bag? It sounds innoxiously at first but secrets may come up.
  • How you got to convince him to get married?! This game brings along the tips for those that for now are bridesmaids not a bride, including confessions the bride makes even when it comes about the secrets inside their bedroom.


After all in the same daring bridal shower games category a karaoke session may be too as it is all related to the bride to be, how she is and if she never done something like that before. Have fun!!!

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