A long time relationship and just engaged now- John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

In 2007 until all was clear we were trying to guess with whom is John Legend dating. And the answer came quick after that, the super model Chrissy Teigen. With many others examples alike they tried to keep their personal life away from the public eye so we have no idea when so many years have passed. With such a history of their relationship isn’t there a time for a more serious step made?

John Legend wedding

And it came that answer too. With the official confirmation the Pr of the R&B singer John said briefly worded in December last year that they got engaged during the holiday in Maldives. No others details have been specified, nothing about the proposal, emotions and tears of happiness, the answer for the further plans. But yes she accepted yet no date has been established yet.

John Legend wedding

Right after the big news appeared in media of course they were in the public eye more like before. And questions didn’t stop to come in the expectation of at least something said without notice about the incoming event. About kids Chrissy Teigen said alike everybody they will want at a moment but now they have others priorities. About John performing at his own wedding she made a joke for at least not having to pay him for that. And like any other bride to be she has an idea about the wedding dress, definitively not something pompous or exaggerated.

John Legend’s wedding is suppose to be this year, 2012, but within such a long relationship that had so far maybe we have to wait the same period again until the big day. Nothing has been changed so far so maybe the event will be at the end of the year so to have enough time for planning anything.

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