A new engagement, a new possible wedding to come- Stanley Tucci

Last year it was an avalanche of engagements and Hollywood has a long series of names. We expect this year to be a full season for weddings in that case. And it is the same example for Stanley Tucci too. In November last year we heard the news, the engagement time of Stanley and Felicity.

Stanley Tucci weddingSource
Stanley Tucci wedding

In a short profile we know him as being actor, 51 years old. We know her, Felicity Blunt to be the older sister of Emily Blunt, 31 years old and as profession is literary agent. How they met? Through the help of Emily who knew them both and considered they are a match. And she was right apparently, despite of the fact that there is a considerable age difference, despite the fact that is the second marriage for him. Stanley is widow since 2009 when his wife mother of 3 died because of cancer.

Stanley Tucci’s wedding is expected to be in 2012. And according to what they made it all official on regards of their relationship and future plans it seems that so it will be and more exactly a fall wedding, in September. In February this year they revealed a few details about the incoming event. They have decided to be in London, to have an Italian menu and moreover the happy bride to be has the dress already. It seems that it will be a vintage version.

Stanley Tucci wedding Source
Stanley Tucci wedding

Quite open to mention a few things about their incoming 2012 wedding Stanley and Felicity give a lesson for all. After all media tries any way to find something and will discover eventually. Instead of hiding better to say with a measure something to please the public as working for it, right?

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