A pretentious wedding, a famous couple, lots of gossip- Liz Hurley and Shane Warne

Both with previous marriage failed, both with kids, Liz Hurley and Shane Warne are one spotted couple in media for the rumors that have been spread about heir relationship. They met in the period when Liz wasn’t divorced yet by her husband so this is one forte reason to hide their passionate love affair. People were suspicious, they were caught kissing and nothing came official.

Liz Hurley wedding

This is all history and now they reveal lot more about the inside. With the engagement already announced when it wasn’t happened, at the end of last year he popped the question and got the answer he was craving for. Now they prepare for the incoming wedding but not so quickly as to be a 2012 wedding.

Announced already to be an astounding event many rumors have been spread about this wedding. But the confirmed fact is that it will be a double event. How so? They are from different worlds and …places. Not to disappoint their friends, family and so on they will have a wedding in Australia and one in Britain.

Liz Hurley wedding

Also, it won’t be a 2012 wedding but planned for the next year. Even though we don’t have a confirmed date this is what they declared. Now it is a little bit odd and tricky as we don’t know how exactly it will be. A 2012 wedding for the one in Australia or the other one in Britain and reverse order as some rumors said it will a December this year wedding.

With more of what they said about the incoming wedding, life family and how they have now more kids than their own, what are their expectations, how is their love story and many others an interview for “Hello” magazine (April) comes with all the details.

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