A recent engagement and a ring that makes furors- Snooki is envied

Finally a couple unlike others to make this step somewhere in the holidays period in March Snooki as she is known for the public got engaged. Jionni LaValle proposed and even though rumors and bad gossip say it was all a rush for the baby that’s coming like any other lady she enjoyed this time and experience and had the privilege to see her lover down on knees and offering a stunning beauty precious ring.

Snooki's engagement ringSource
Snooki's engagement ring

Snooki’s engagement ring was estimated at $55,000. We can’t say it isn’t worthy moreover as it is the diamonds explosion. And plus it is all a matter of taste. Nicole, her real name, was spoiled by her lover with a ring made of 5 carats and by Ben Bekdas, jeweler at B&B Jewelry.

In a quite classic style it is about the platinum ring, normal width with a square front center rock. Of course it id a diamond well centered and in relief, a big pomp off diamond. It ids a princess cut, popular style. As for the rest of the ring it is the all beaded line. The sparkling beauty is the incomparable elegance.

Snooki's engagement ring Source
Snooki's engagement ring

With the pregnancy, maternity period and being just at the beginning of the road for all what this experience means is not a wedding announcement indirectly. So shortly said for sure this was just the official part of their relationship but nothing more at least for the moment.

As for the surprise moment it wasn’t a quite so time since Snooki tried to come with a few hints about her taste for the rings. With nothing else to add but wishing them the best in this world, even though we find it easy to speak and comment about it of course but what lady won’t be flattered about such a ring?

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