A rich world, an exquisite style gold wedding decor

Touched by gold- sop you want your while wedding to be like and suggest as style. It is an instant formal style inspired, and surely a glamorous view. With many possibilities to adapt this idea to any wedding type as time of the year when it will be we come today with a few, hoping inspiring too, gold wedding ideas.

Gold Wedding Ideas
Photo Source: ruffledblog.com

The richness of any season is met in gold- fall has its rusty natural decor, summer time has its sun delight, spring revives the whole nature, winter has its luminous style holiday Christmas time. For sure that the bride will be more than pleased to match her look with such a wedding decor and have gold as metal accessories, flattering yellow gold for her precious bridal appearance. And for the decor how about:

Gold Wedding Ideas
Photo Source: jetfeteblog.com
  • Like covered with real gold a ruffled style cake or melting gold on it with last elegant style finish being a bow or some flowers. With this being the expression of preciousness the topper can be the plate where is written “yours”.
  • A golden tree with wedding wishes, hanging leaves. It can be an improved idea with lights all over.
Gold Wedding Ideas
Photo Source: ruffledblog.com
  • Elegant golden boxes as favors with pralines, Fererro Rocher is just one idea. Or the lovely cupcakes wedding favors each one with a snowflakes over it all in a golden view as decorative item or anyway for a winter Christmas wedding.
  • The fabulous glittery touch gold wedding bridal shoes will surely be the most appreciated idea among this list.
  • Even just golden touch candles lighting on the tables, on simple ones with white covering will be of a great effect.


Suggesting a sophisticated event gold is surely a pretentious color and a high class decor.

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