A secret wedding, a happy couple- LeAnn Rimes is now Mrs. Cibrian

Partially as expected as they had before an extra marital relationship LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian had a secret wedding in spring last year. Just 35 guests that had no idea they will participate to such an event, a moment when LeAnn just came changed in wedding dress and petrified everybody, pure love if it is to think at the scandals they’ve created with leaving their families, divorce and remaining together, married.

LeAnn Rimes wedding ring

What was the symbol of their love? LeAnn Rimes wedding ring was surely something special, something unique as the event itself since the first one she had in the first marriage had no magical potion to keep her as promise near the man she chose. It was enough shocking and surprising maybe to see the engagement ring, the big rock diamond of 5 carat, oval shaped and estimated at  $85,000. What can beat that?

LeAnn Rimes wedding ring is actually a gathering, a pair/set of three bands. Now in a quite simplistic manner if it is to make the comparative term with the engagement ring with the big front center rock it is about the platinum thin rings, rose gold to match even in finish of the ring with the engagement jewelry.

LeAnn Rimes wedding ring

In the men’s case it is all so simple and for this case couple it was too. Even though we expect for the same fabulous sums the wedding ring Cibrian opted for is just a band, a classic simple yellow gold one, with a shiny texture touch and no gemstone or anything else.

In the end we hope for both of them this time those rings to mean more than the first time and be together happily ever after.

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