A secret wedding done or about to come? Natalie Portman and the mysterious wedding ring

During the shooting for the movie “Black swan” Natalie met Benjamin Millepied. Only they can confirm if it was love at first sight but the actions confirm it. A little bit after at Oscar premieres they were wearing rings looking alike as bands, they got engaged in 2011 and have a son together. What do you want more?

Natalie Portman’s wedding ring

Natalie Portman’s wedding ring if it was really a secret wedding is the classic front center style while Benjamin’s is the simple band. The jeweler that was in charge with the rings made it all public and said they were made out of the recycled platinum and diamonds.

Natalie Portman’s wedding ring

Worth to envy such a presence and curious to know more about the ring find out that it is about the two pieces actually one sides that embrace the big engagement ring. In other words two thin lines ring, platinum all beaded in diamonds as to complement the engagement ring. Keeping above the engagement ring, being of the same design look nothing was too obvious changed as to say it looks like a wedding ring. Still, the alert media eye, plus the jeweler confirmation made it all clear. At the opposite for the groom the satin finish look of the platinum ring with no other enhancement was the choice.

Natalie Portman’s wedding ring

We haven’t heard a thing about the price but just as instinct we expect to be about a high sum of course. For example a similar style Kwiat Bridal Collection is $17,000.

Natalie Portman’s wedding ring was seen several times and without any conformation, without hearing in time about any rumors about a possible wedding planned we all were surprised. This made nothing else but to continue the gossip.

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