A small budget challenges your creativity- things you can buy or replace to stay in the budget

Starting with the wedding type, number of guests and continue with the wide range options nowadays a wedding planned mostly targeting the decor part costs a small fortune. You fall in love with lots of them and add one by one to your decor as finally to be concerned you’ve crossed the line of affordable. Today we come with inspiring points for cheap wedding ideas. And not cheap in look, a low quality item but coming with a reasonable price.

Cheap wedding ideas

First of all, you have a chance to save money from the very beginning, when choosing the restaurant, wedding location. Some of the decorations can be already there and you to pay nothing for this. A few paintings or curtains in an imposing and elegant way arranged are enough for some. But let’s get to the concrete cheap wedding ideas plan, to items you can count on to make a good impression:

Cheap wedding ideas

  • At the table decorations you can restrain the list of needs as decorations, centerpieces and favors, going on a simple classic but elegant style with bowls of water and floating candles, petals, with simple different colored and shaped glass support holding candles, field flowers instead of too pretentious ones but as long as they stay in theme etc.
  • Petals and tulle can be two elements for the cheap wedding ideas that can be used in so many ways. Creating the aisle with tulle hanging at each prow of chairs, petals spread even on tables to impress in a richer way decorated, bows on each chair and so creating a contrast not even the table covering to be needed, petals to make a contour, to define better each one’s place, to simply decorate the tables.

Cheap wedding ideas

  • Base on colors to impress me than in the decorations richness and types. So that contrasts are welcomed, combinations of any kind.
  • Choose seasonal flowers not only for the lower price in comparison with others but for making them representative for the wedding as time to take place.


Besides things to choose some cheap wedding ideas imply your abilities to negotiate too, to make business. For example choose wisely the time to sign the contract, to establish a price of the moment with no importance for the next season to be a higher one.

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