A stylish wedding with trends a concept to follow

For some the satisfaction to have a wedding which follows the trends is incomparable. No matter the budget or the way you get to this it counts to reach the satisfaction level you wanted. Anyway, you have from where to choose and ways to adapt everything to your wedding since the new wedding trends 2014 come with a variety of options and ideas.

new wedding trends 2014
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Wedding ideas and inspiration

Not to limit your options, not to forget about the variety of theme you can opt for here are a few of the new wedding trends 2014 to be guided by:

Geometric style inspiration can be the print design for various decorations and elements in your wedding; it can be the cake style, the table coverings design or why not the simple hanging decorations. Stripes, dots this can be the pattern design for everything, including the cake design or the bridesmaids’ dresses.

As style weddings in trends are of two kinds: either the luxuriant elegant ones from the 20s, inspired by the great Gatsby, either the simple rustic style, the country themed ones.

For the wedding flowers peonies are the favorites types of flowers. Also the field flowers give a romantic note to your decor.

For the wedding cake trends hint in two directions. It is either the luxuriant elegant style one with glittery design either the simple ones, the naked style as they call it, meaning no finish of the cake but the layers and the decorations.

Non floral decorations are the jeweled style ones or the paper style. Feathers can be the bohemian style to go for.



Colors for a wedding in trends

You can’t say you’re trying to create yourself the wedding decor with accent on the last trends without mentioning about the colors. From this point of view the new wedding trends 2014 hint at vibrant orchid. Hence it is not your one and only option. For any season and period of time you are planning the event you may also choose the freesia, coral. Mint and sand are part of the same list but pale pink is not to ignore either.

Combine mint with purple, navy blue with pale pink or grey, blue and yellow or blue and green. Aqua style calls for a beach summer time wedding while neutral or pastel colors are a great choice no matter the season or the theme of the wedding.

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