A sweet design and a crystal touch accessory

How flattering would be for you to wear precious gemstones as accessories at your wedding…diamonds are a woman’s best friends and everybody knows that. But they come with such a high price that not many afford. And instead of dreaming at these focus on what you afford and as fancy alternative we bring you one idea: the long flower crystal earrings.

Long Flower Crystal Earrings
Photo Source: roses-and-teacups.com

A flower design earrings is one of the most common styles hence one sweet look. But you want more than this, it’s your wedding day, it’s your unique bridal experience and a special occasion. So from Davids Bridal the set of earrings style 148 is our proposal. In a detailed presentation made to understand what it is about find out below:

Long Flower Crystal Earrings
Photo Source: wanelo.com
  • A small flower with front center crystal is the top part. Why is this of as such importance? Because it covers your ear hole and no matter how heavy the earrings will be for you it won’t be visible that elongated hole so unaesthetic.
  • They continue with the same style all beaded flower design with crystals, until the bottom part where a tear drop shape is created. The heavily detailed look makes them so precious, an intricate design that boosts the bridal beaut and makes them of a formal style so here an inconvenient maybe for some brides.
Long Flower Crystal Earrings
Photo Source: fashionjewelrytv.com
  • Also as being long is a plus for brides not just to have the design visible but for the suitability style for all cases- the round faces brides are surely pleased about this style.
  • $35 is the cost for such a pair of earrings, available only in silver.


Now besides the matter of taste from bride to bride it is surely the wedding and bridal outfit style to decide about such earrings.

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