A vintage wedding planned with inspiring ideas

You can’t nominate what’s hard about the wedding: first to choose the theme and then find decorations to represent and suggest it or even the first step. In any case depending on the theme you challenge yourself not only into finding elements to create your decor in the name of that theme but to combine them and all together to be a well-made puzzle. Today we take the example of vintage wedding ideas.

Vintage wedding ideas
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Starting with the bride and groom how can they make it to create themselves the vintage couple image? A few elements may help in case you won’t go on a classic style. It can be about a lace dress either as embellishments lace parts either the whole outfit. Accessorized with gloves, maybe a lace umbrella too, a pair of shoes that inspire from the Victorian period you are all set. For the man part a tuxedo helps in any case with not that much struggle to stay in theme.

Vintage wedding ideas
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For the decor part vintage wedding ideas are in a close correlation with the budget first and then a matter of taste. To suggest to your guests such an atmosphere and be in the spirit of a vintage style you may consider decorations such as:

v  Tables covering to be trimmed with lace or in any case to be with embroidery as design.

v  No fancy flowers arranged meaning too much, to sophisticated bouquets but a simple classic style with field or seasonal types.

v  Another table decoration ideal for the theme may be small candelabrums or embellished candle support with crystals.

Vintage wedding ideas
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v  Fans can also be part of your plan, used if no as decoration elements as wedding favors for ladies.

v  In even the smallest details- the wedding cards for example, no matter their type from wedding program to menus or wedding wishes can have a yellowish view as being old paper.

v  Vases with braches decorated with pearls or crystals hanging on strings, flowers in jars for a less formal wedding type as style or a specific thematic wall paper can also be ideas useful for what you intend to create as wedding decor.

It will be great too forthe location to have a little bit of that air, imposing in architectural and design part, with big candelabrums for examples, spacious as a ball room or a romantic and intimate garden wedding.

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