A woman’s dilemmas about marriage- should you do this step?

Brides to be are different from the various ways they react when the big question is heard to the way they plan their wedding and whole life from now on. Some are more than convinced that this is the next step to do others let themselves enraptured too much by the emotional life time to plan the wedding and they forget about the essential: the love to be the base of all.

100 questions before marriage
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Just as a result of all these overwhelming facts a wedding and a moorage implies, just as a marking sing as this is a life commitment many of them get to the point of 100 questions before marriage to be the part that makes them think rational. Is it worthy? Yes or no? And not just banal ideas but facts that help them figure out whether is this the right thing to do now.

From person to person those 100 questions may vary and come in a different order as priority. But nevertheless they all think about:

100 questions before marriage
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B  How sincere the love is- no doubts that you are meant to be one with the other secrets are not part of your life couple. But saying “I love you too” much may not be the real thing as how one that says it not that frequent is a sincere one.

B  Compatibility- some are on the same page others think that the contraries attract. In any way just to find a common ground you both agree with will help you in life to solve everything.

B  A reliable husband- from work in the house to shopping, a man with interest for you from all points of view is a sign of commitment and unconditioned love. Speaking of which, the money aspects is not to be neglected either.

B  Communication- a person you want to take as husband just for being the coolest guy, the handsome you’ll find out later it is an “empty” one onside.

B  What future do you have? His job and yours too, what investment can you make to have an apartment of your own, to have a financial support and stability.


Along with a marriage your fortune may multiply or you may make the worst choice in your life. It’s not about making a pros and cons list but a woman’s intuition to find the answer of all.

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