Amateur Photo Wedding Tips

Being a fan for taking picture you can as well attend the wedding of your best friend and cast him your suggestion of allowing you to take the photos at the wedding celebration. If your best friend knows how you work with your camera he might indulge you in having you as the amateur photographer of his wedding. You just need to keep in mind that taking random photos here and there at your own pace and taste is not the same when having to deal with a wedding festivity.

Therefore you need to read some amateur photo wedding tips to make sure that you won’t ruin the chances of your friend to have the photos taken at the most important event of his life. Just in case something bad could occur, something that is beyond your control, for instance the camera gets broken or God knows what other misfortune, simply have your friend hire a professional wedding photographer for you to be fully backed up.

The following guideline is meant to be displayed as amateur photo wedding tips for your own amateurish sake:

1. Ask the bride and groom to draw a list of ‘shots’ that are considered by them to be the favorite ones in the range of events that take place inside a wedding celebration. For instance, wedding photo portraits with mother and groom, father and bride, bride and her bridesmaids, and many others. Once you finish the list be sure to review it in their presence and check if there isn’t something they have left aside.

2. A coordinator to help you with identifying the people at the wedding festivity is again another useful amateur photo wedding tip. You wouldn’t want to bother all the time the bride and groom asking them for instance where is the grandma to have her for a photo shooting together with the flower girl, for instance. Not to mention that this coordinator will spare you from the hassle of running here and there in the chase of various persons who need to be in a certain frame of a photo.

3. Make sure to know the venues of the wedding, for both the ceremony and reception. Go over these locations and scout them taking their photos as well. You can make a great collage out of ‘previous’ and ‘after’ photos using the computer for compiling a CD that can be afterwards sent to each guest with .the thank you note for participating at the wedding celebration.

4. The most important amateur photo wedding tip is to be prepared, ensuring that your camera has what it takes, for both the day and night photo shots, and be alert whenever inside the wedding celebration important events and backdrops are displayed as you want for your amateurish photos to represent your hobby’s abilities as their best.

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