An Asian Wedding Theme

The trend towards Asian weddings has attracted a dynamic and most interesting demographic because many non-Asians are opting for this theme to sanctify their wedding vows. For lovers of all things oriental, this is completely acceptable; after all, it’s your wedding party and you can laugh (or cry, as the old song says) if you want to.

Asian weddings usually break down into two main types: Japanese “Zen” style Shoji lanterns and river stones, and the bolder Chinese use of colorful fans and red satin cheongsam (traditional gown). But the range of choices are so much wider than Japanese or Chinese, and you might want to consider other options for your customized Asian wedding ceremony.

A Japanese pearl theme might well be your perfect Asian wedding venue and can be accomplished fairly easily. To enhance the atmosphere of your Asian wedding, drape centerpiece vases in strands of costume pearls (or real if you have access to royal coffers) and stuff with white ostrich feathers.

Fill the room with iridescent balloons in ivory, pearl gray and pale pink and select pearl hair-combs and necklaces for the bride and bridesmaids and a pearl tiara for the bride. To drip in pearls is, as Martha Stewart says, “a good thing” (to drip in). The groom need not drip in anything as long as he behaves himself in the company of all this jewelry.

An Asian Pacific theme has nothing at all to do with time zones and provides another beautiful vehicle for an Asian wedding ceremony. Bedeck the room, not with boughs of holly (even if you have some on hand since last Christmas), but rather with fishing nets and swirling glass flotation balls. Hot-glue faux pearls into large mother-of-pearl oyster shells and scatter them all about the Asian wedding reception room. Name your tables for famous tree varieties (Chrysanthemum, Cherry, Weeping Cherry, Yoshino Cherry), but whatever you do, don’t get them mixed up with the names of your guests! Serve traditional foods and beverages such as sweet dumplings (dango) and sakura blossom tea. You might even want to consider hiring a sushi chef to put a very special flourish on your Asian wedding.

Asian wedding favors can take many forms. One very popular choice are fortune cookie wedding favors. Other ideas for Asian wedding favors might include: bamboo place card frames, incense sets, gifts of tea, fortune cookie key-rings, jeweled votive candles, almond cookies, lucky bamboo plants, paper or sandalwood fans, sake cups in different materials and shapes and porcelain tea cups with the double happiness symbol.

For bridesmaids at Asian weddings, popular wedding favors can include: gold-tone hair combs, decorative chopsticks (hair adornments) jeweled flip-flop sandals and a feminine shirt with each bridesmaid’s name custom-embroidered upon it and tucked into a large-size fortune cookie box.

The old saying that “the world is your oyster” can be true on your Asian wedding day. If you decide on such a theme, there are sure to be many beautiful pearls of wisdom, beauty and countless other things inside.

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