At the touch of orange everything becomes a vibrant look

Everything we do is the reflection of our personality, character. So like the way a wedding is planned in even the smallest details will say a lot about the bride and groom. But not forgetting you want to make it all spectacular as personal satisfaction but also to get the appreciation of your guests. Does an orange decor wedding arouse your interest?

Orange Wedding Ideas
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The instant thought is about an early fall wedding. Well we are used with such correlation but when it comes for a wedding nature theme inspired to be reflected in the decor orange is suitable as for a summer time one, being about the richness of flowers and the touch of the sun, for fall time is the rusty all colored landscape and not only as in its great variety of options in pallet it can be combined to adapt to any wedding type and style. Here we have a few of our orange wedding ideas:

Orange Wedding Ideas
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  • Tissue paper chandeliers in an explosion of colors, from orange to fuchsia.
  • Orange pumpkin decorations for tables and not only, from hanging small ones at the chairs to candles shapes in such style, to simple tall vases filled with small ones.
  • Honey wedding favors or orange jelly beans in sweet boxes even transparent ones or with a shade of color.
Orange Wedding Ideas
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  • Rows of gerbera or any other flower type to create the aisle line or bird’s nest with a flower in it in a row. Also in the flowers arrangements category this time for entrance to use can be the tall vases with branches and orange orchids.
  • The Asian style inspired lamps all in orange to be the hanging over the tables.
  • Centerpieces with fruits and what else than oranges to be the perfect choice? Small flower improvement look will make it all the ideal way for an informal probably garden wedding.


Will orange be your main wedding decor color?

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