Autumn’s richness and variety of options for wedding favors

With all so many tasks a wedding is about you risk to forget about some details which after all make a huge difference. It is the case of wedding favors, those small gifts each guest receives, all the same and that should be part of the same theme concept as the whole event and decor. It’s easier to get inspired by the season of your wedding and today we bring a few ideas for Autumn wedding favors.

Autumn wedding favor

Of high importance are all the others details of the event as for example to opt for eatable favors there should be taken into account the menu. But mostly favorites are decorative items and a few suggestive for a wedding seasonal theme inspired are:

Autumn wedding favor

  • Autumn wedding favors jars of honey or jams. Isn’t autumn the season for these? A great eatable favor, home-made and really appreciated.
  • Autumn wedding favors candles. It is one classic option but enhanced for this case with models, imprints of the season so in rusty colored, leaf design on them. Another idea, more practical, can be the simple candles in a support too that acts as sitting at the table cards holder and that to be the leaf shape.

Autumn wedding favor

  • Autumn wedding favors with anything that can be a practical item, bottle opener, candy dish, key chain or personalized napkins with fall symbols mostly in colors but with leaf too or in a shape of a pumpkin.
  • Autumn wedding favors-candies. Again a classic idea with a variety of options, fondant desserts, truffles, almonds in bags colored as your wedding colors are, with fall inspired design, maybe enhanced with some seasonal flowers.


There is a wide range options for Autumn wedding favors and it is all partially inspired by the theme of your wedding. For example for a country/western wedding the favors can be something home-made or bags of tea, hot chocolate. Also, you have so many symbols you can explore to inspire you as having the Thanksgiving Day and Halloween autumn holidays coming.

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