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Brides to be like to have a sort of guide when it comes to choose the wedding dress. They focus on celebrities and what they see on red carpet or even in movies, knowing that the choices are nerveless part of the trends of the year. Others go on the classic style and they never fail. Even both ways to take it Twilight wedding dress makes furors, pleasing classic elegant brides and also those that want to be like Bella.


Twilight wedding dress


Twilight style, Bella’s bridal story

For those who know the movie in Twilight Bella gets married with her vampire lover Eduard. At the big moment of the wedding she appears wearing a pure white dress of a trumpet cut. A gorgeous view, of course signed by a famous designer. The Twilight wedding dress was designed by Carolina Herrera. It was a custom made dress, made especially for this movie and for Bella.

Crepe satin and French Chantilly lace were the fabrics for this dress, the trumpet cut with long sleeves. It has a simple round necklace, simple design and cut, as for the back to totally surprise the view. A large decoupage with lace, buttons, lace and an intricate design. Also the ending parts of the long sleeves are about lace and buttons to complete the same concept as for the back.

Such a dress is perfect for a slim silhouette since it puts a great accent on the lines, for slim fit ladies. Mostly that there is no design to distract the attention there is no way to shade away certain parts for instance the belly not that flat actually.

Facts about Bella’s dress

The Twilight wedding dress was estimated at $35,ooo so image hoe precious that is. No less than 152 of buttons are just for the back part line as 17 to be on each sleeve. There is also a practical part of the skirt and train, attached to the finger when it comes to the dancing part.

Something similar you can find in Claire Pettibone’s collection, the style named Mademoiselle. This will cost you no less than $3,200 and tit is part of the fall of 2012 collection. Sandrine is a dress style sold with $4,389, part of Elizabeth Fillmore’s collection. Approaches to Bella’s pattern but it has a wide open back part hence also adorned with lace.

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