Be Original and Make Your Own Camo Wedding Cake

A camouflage organized wedding will require the presentation of a camo wedding cake when the time has come for introducing this special dessert in front of your guests. If you read on you will find out how you can be original by baking your own camo wedding cake. Many brides reach the conclusion that saving money within the planning of their wedding will require doing many things on their own. Baking a cake is another method to help you save money in a big way.

Camo Wedding Cakes

To begin with we have to reckon that in every family there is at least one member who knows how to bake cake sheets. In case you count among the unlucky ones and do not have anybody to take care of this, then buy these cake layers flavored with buttercream. Each of the layer should have its own width and size to be able to design it is three tier style. The next thing that you will need is the lemon frosting (about 2 gallons), food coloring that comes in camouflage colors – green, blue, yellow and brown. After getting all these elements ready you will have to carefully fill the sheets with the right icing and color. The icing that is left in the end should be separated in three containers wherein you will mix each with the food coloring of your liking.

Camo Wedding Cakes

After obtaining the icing color that you have initially planned make sure that you start decorating the surface of the tiers in alternating patterns to replicate the camouflage pattern. If you want to be more sophisticated with the decorative style of your camo wedding cake, a good source of inspiration will be the pictures within online result pages that Google opens for you. Searching online is definitely the best idea to find inspiration for the decoration of your camo wedding cake. You might as well have a fun experience while trying to create the figurines placed as your camo cake toppers. You can create a wild duck as a cake topper, or make some tree branches as decorative elements for your wedding cake.

Camo Wedding Cakes

Again online recipes will be very helpful in this respect. So, make use of this source of both information and inspiration to help you in creating your special camo wedding cake for your special day.

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