Beach Theme Wedding Cakes

If you are in search of beach theme wedding cakes suggestions then you definitely have chosen to celebrate your wedding in a less traditional way. In this case you are free to let your imagination go wild and reach for a type of beach theme wedding cake that is shaped according to your style and needs. If the imagination fails on you then you could browse through the many wedding sites that display various ideas of wedding cakes that are appropriate to a beach themed wedding celebration.

Now due to the fact that it is a wedding cake that needs to be introduced in the atmosphere of a beach venue you should take into account some features that draw this wedding item apart from its other peers:

– do not forget about one element that will be most of the day present inside the wedding unfolding: the sun. In case the reception will last till dusk and continuing throughout the entire night, then you shouldn’t worry about the sun, should you? But what is there to be done when a wedding reception introduces the beach theme wedding cake when the sun is still up heating more the atmosphere?

Maybe it would be better to consider the alternative of a decorative/ornamental wedding cake that has the desired shape but is not edible except for the bottom layer in case you decide to proceed to a bride and groom wedding cake cutting.

– regardless of the sun’s presence you should think of a way to present the beach theme wedding cake wrapped in a decorative style with some tulle or another decorative fabric that keeps the bugs away from the cake’s sweetness. This is a valid solution for those edible wedding cakes.

– another option would be that each slice of cake to be accompanied by a refreshing ice cream that can be identical in decoration with the one presented on your beach them wedding cake. In this way you can keep your guests refreshed on a weather that invites to ice cream devouring. –

– the size of the beach theme wedding cake should be according to the number of the guests who have announced their attendance. The price depends as well on the size as well the intricacy of the design, therefore try to find a professional baker for your wedding cake that combines both (size and design) with the affordable price.

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