Big plans until the end of the year- Aniston’s wish to be Mrs. Theroux

We will never now what is inside of a couple’s real life but we may guess. When Brad divorced and left Jennifer she was in the public eye with compassion from each and everyone. But she is strong and soon got to take her new life course. Probably this is her struggle to say to the world “I’m ok”. And “OK” magazine really believed that since so many rumors appeared about her possible wedding, pregnancy…but better let’s take the beginning.

Jennifer Aniston wedding

A year ago she met Justin Theroux. Not too much since they were dating and people was already whispering that they are engaged as in one public appearance Jennifer had a suspicious ring on the left hand and on forth finger. A few days after the same ring is seen at him too. But they denied such news.

Rumors haven’t stopped and until the end of the year 2011 it was first said that they will tie the knot. She appeared and officially said she was once married and has no plans for that. Rumors that she is pregnant but with twins, she said is just the result of smoking anymore and got a few pounds extra.

Jennifer Aniston wedding

Any possible wedding in 2012 for Jennifer Aniston comes along with rumors of some “friends” that say they have heard her saying by the end of the year it should happen otherwise they will be done. She is very serious according to such sources by saying that she has the location, in Mexico and the little dog that can be the training for any idea later for having kids.

Serious or not we have nothing confirmed yet so for the weddings in 2012 list of celebrities we put again Jennifer Aniston with a big question mark.

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