Black and White Wedding Cakes

No one can argue with the fact that black and white combination of colors has always brought a note of elegance and sophistication especially when it comes to the aspect of black and white wedding cakes. This combination is the last choice of colors to complement the appearance of a black tuxedo of the groom and a white fabric of the bridal gown. This contrast might fit very well for a less formal wedding reception, but when it comes to the traditional style of a wedding, than it fits like a glove.

The ambiance of the wedding reception can include the choices of black and white decorative items accented with tones of deep red or sparkling silver. The most preferred decoration that is seen all over the pictures of black and white wedding cakes is the black satin ribbons or black organza stripes. The dark chocolate is the most favored one to be used on the white vanilla icing of the cake as it looks very contrasting on the icing, and tastes absolutely fantastic!

The following lines will try to describe in words various online images of black and white wedding cakes, but t he suggestion would be to look there for yourself and get inspired for the type of wedding cake that is of your liking:

* A four tier retro black and white wedding cake that incorporates black and white shapes and motifs.

* This one is a five tier wedging cake whimsically decorated with scrolls, shapes and patterns in black and white. It comes with choices of hand crafted red cherries or roses.

* Another elegant choice of black and white wedding cake featuring round and square 3 tier cake which is predominantly white but each tier is placed in a delicate manner on an angle presenting at the same time black fondant bows at each level. The topper features a black fondant ribbon.

* The art deco style of the other choice of black and white wedding cake enchants your eyes with a black brooch out of which black crystals and beads dangle. .

* A classic round shape presented in four tiers comes with cake decorations resembling the shape of a fern and large black ribbon hanging with a bow in the middle.

* There is also the choice of black fondant frosting for a black and white wedding cake in the presentation of an unusual three tier including Art Deco style for the white fondant shapes that decorate the cake.

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