Bridal Hairstyles

Ah, the wedding day. You know it’s important and that means you have to deal with everything. So many things to do, so many aspects to take care of. Apart from all the managing stuff of the wedding, you must think of yourself! You have to look your best on your wedding day, from head to toes, because you will be the center of attention. And talking about the head, you must have a beautiful hairdo too. You cannot take care of everything and forget about the hair! What will it be: curls, updo, long and straight, ponytail? And if you have a short hair, what options do you have? Of course, according to 2010 trends!

First of all, be sure what kind of hair style you want to approach, for long or short hair. A long and straight hair is beautiful and the opportunities you have to transform it are numerous. But this I cannot say the same about having a short hair. Without any trace of doubt, for 2010 fashionable hairstyles, experts seem to prefer updos. As in almost being obsessed with updos. Fashion shows, magazines, celebrities all began to prefer updos. We can identify especially three sorts of updos: swirled-open chignon, accessorized updo, textured French pleat with height.

Apart from what stylists think is characteristic for 2010, curls are also in top. Curls, curls and curls again! All types of curls: big, romantic, even when having short hair, they still recommend curls! Nevertheless, this is not all. You can go for a ponytail with a flower. It will give a boost of naturalness and delicacy. But be sure to have it well fixed, not to lose it at the wedding so that your hair will flow untamed. You might want to think of some other accessories to keep your updo or curls in the right place, like sparkly Swarovski hair clips or birdcage veil. Again, their are very fashionable for the 2010 wedding hair styles. For the excentric brides out there, girls, you can pick an oversized feather. Carolina Herrera presented it in a fashion show!

Of course, you don’t really have to comply with what stylists recommend as being 2010’s fashion. Dare to be different! It’s your wedding day and you’re the only one that decides the way you will look, not just some fashion experts. You can go and buy any kind of hair style magazine and pick whatever you want from there or just consult with your personal hairstylist and see what fits you best! It has to match with the gown, of course, because you cannot have a crazy hairdo and a classy wedding dress. Be sure to think about this with some time before the wedding, to know exactly what accessories you need and have to buy! Go for something special and sparkly, it always has an amazing effect on hair!

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