Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal showers are meant to be fun and to leave a lot of great memories. Of course there will me many more parties and celebration in the future, however this is the bride’s final party as an unmarried woman.

There are many things any future bridal can do to organize a fabulous bridal shower. Of course all depends of her taste, time for organization and budget.

There are some basic things to be considered when planning a bridal shower party the guest list, the menu, will there be any games, themed party or not, decoration, menu and so on. Organizing a bridal shower can be an exhausting task so it is best to have someone to help you or someone to organize the whole event.

There is no point to go over the pure organizing stuff such as how to compile your guest list or how to choose the location and the menu for the event. Instead we will give some theme party ideas that can turn the ordinary party into a real thrill.

Round The Clock Party
No, it doesn’t mean the bridal shower should last 24 hours! Each guest is assigned a time of the day and he should give a gift reflecting that time. For example if a guest receives a ticket with 10 am time written on it, he should give a breakfast set as a gift. It is a fun party idea as some of the gifts may be quite quirky.

Retro Tea Party
Ask all of the guests to come dressed appropriately and have a retro tea party. Prepare some light snacks and have a lot of fun. Try to behave like a refined ladies this will bring a lot of laugh and defiantly lots of funny pictures.

Room of the House Party
Similar to the Round The Clock Party but the guests are asked to bring gifts related to a room of the house. You can make a kitchen party, a bedroom party, a dining room party and so on. It is a great way for the couple to receive all the items they need for their home. It is a nice to have a list of desired gifts as well to avoid duplicate items and undesirable gifts.

Pampering Party
It is a girl’s only bridal shower party idea. All of the gusts should bring pampering gifts for the future bride and even try some on her. A great way to reduce the wedding stress and to have some fun with some of your best girl friends, you can try different cosmetics together, different hair styles or make up. Some professionals can be asked to come to give the future bride heavenly massage or facials.

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