Brides go crazy about pink

As a stereotype people base in general blue is the color for men and pink for women and that’s why when it comes about a wedding men are not that pleased about pink. They consider it a feminine nuance, something girlish and just not for them. That unless it comes in a combination with another color, something strong, something they consider it represents them. Possible to change your mind we come today with some pink wedding ideas.

Pink Wedding Ideas
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There is a long list of combinations with pink for your decor, from grey to navy blue, brown, green, orange and so on. But having this as main nuance how about decorations that simply dazzle, such as:

Pink Wedding Ideas
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  • The elegant chocolate cake with pink petals all over and a small bouquet on top.
  • Pink centerpieces or at least pink candles on the white table covering. And the same contrast can be made with the chairs too.
  • Pink petals down the aisle to create either that aisle edges either an amazing design on the floor, the grooms’ initials or a heart shape.
  • Hanging balloons or/and paper lamps pink will give a touch of lights of a romantic style, all over in the restaurant or just above the cookies//dessert table bar.
Pink Wedding Ideas
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  • For high impressive look flowers arrangements you can make a contrast between the all colored pink flowers with the colored vases. Opt for peonies, rich in petals coronet or tulips, the delicate spring flowers.
  • The sparkling shoes are modern and fancy for the bride to add at her look something pink too.
  • Pink inspires and reminds more about spring time so favors to be the colored pink of course butterflies is just one idea.

Are you ready to be the Barbie bride or at least the fancy bride in a Barbie pink world?

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