Bridesmaid Dress Colors

It is perfectly acceptable to choose your favorite color, the one included in your color palette to express your taste and personality regarding the bridesmaids outfits. Remember that every color has negative and positive connotations, and even combinations of colors can emphasize a chromatic aspect.

One can even interpret the combination of shades from your wedding dress with that of the bridesmaids.

Red is the color of love, energy and power. Matched with white, this color will highlight the intense love and passion you feel that day and at the same time, will be an indicator of the perfection you are looking for, and the new beginning, symbolized by the ceremony.


Pink suggests delicacy and your femininity. Dressed in pink, the bridesmaids will add extra romance to the wedding, and will look adorable and youthful when they sit next to you.

Purple This shade expresses your creativity and also underscores your desire of individuality and the confidence you have in your new life.


Blue Shades of blue will bring a positive air around you, because blue induces a state of calm. In combination with the white from your dress, this color will make you seem stress-free.

Green symbolizes freshness, imagination and demonstrates you have a sense of joy. Combined with your white dress, green may suggest hope, luck and fertility.

Orange is an intense way to wear yellow. Choosing this colors shows you’re a person full of energy and good humor, with self confidence and who likes exotic things. It is a wonderful color for a wedding held in late summer or early autumn.

When choosing the fabric for wedding dresses, keep in mind that some fabrics fit better than others, or that shinny ones might not favor some of the bridesmaids. Another option, besides the recommendation of a single shade for their outfit is choosing a single type of fabric. Thus, the bridesmaids will be able to choose different cuttings, and still match the dresses.

Although traditionally wedding means a row of identical bridesmaid dresses with lots of ruffles, the saying “one style fits all” is clearly overrated. If you are not sure whether or not you want all your bridesmaids to be dressed like twin sisters, here are some arguments that will tip the balance in favor of customizing their outfits:bridesmaids have different heights and silhouettes; they also have different personalities and styles. Just because they will not have identical dresses, does not mean they will be less elegant. There are ways to create a style “uniform”, while allowing individuality and flexibility.

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