Bridesmaid Speech

The maid of honor is the best friend of the bride. It is through her that the audience gets the most insight and information regarding the bride. She may have her whole wedding speech written out on cue cards or she may decide to speak briefly from the bottom of her heart about the bride.

Most importantly, the friendship between the bride and maid of honor must be brought out through the maid of honor wedding speech so it can create an impact on the audience.

Humor can be used in a maid of honor speech. If she has known the bride since childhood, then there will be a huge store of amusing anecdotes from their many years of growing up together on which she can share. She can pick from a list of possible stories to come up with the most interesting story among that list.

A maid of honor wedding speech need not be very long. As a way of opening the speech, it might be appropriate for her to tell the guests how she met the bride. In doing so, keep in mind to keep the opening short as the audience has to listen to a lot of wedding speeches. A simple principle to keep in mind is the KISS principle, which stands to Keep It Short and Simple.

As the bride’s best friend, invariably, she will know a lot about the groom. In her speech, she may use some of this information. Remember not to embarrass the newlyweds though. Always make enthusiastic and sincere comments and compliments about the couple, but never exaggerate.

Share thoughts from the female point of view. The audience has listened to the stories and opinions of the best man already. Now it is her turn to share something in favor of the bride. Indeed, her role is like the best man – flatter the bride, congratulate the bridal couple, tease, and toast the bride a little.

If she is married herself, she may want to impart some marital wisdom and kind advice from her own experiences within her maid of honor speech. Some will even include a meaningful piece of poetry or inspirational quotes when their own words are not quite enough.

A maid of honor wedding speech need not be the greatest speech ever. She should not feel under pressure at all to give a great performance since it will be sufficient if she allows the depth of her close friendship with the bride to shine through during her speech. As long as she maintains this main focus during her speech, it will be appreciated by the bride and everyone in the wedding reception.

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