Brilliant style ideas for wedding cakes

Don’t be pleased with little things just because it’s easier. No one says things are easy to be done but the satisfaction to achieve a plan is higher after all. So when it comes about the wedding cake some hint higher than to elegant style ones. Maybe a few couture wedding cake ideas will satisfy the pretenses.

couture wedding cake ideas


Trends of 2014

Wedding cakes trends this year are surprising and intricate, less simple or when is so they compensate with something out of the ordinary. In any case there is a great accent on the design and for inspiration take a look at these couture wedding cake ideas:

Tiered cake white with stripes and one side full of roses, a design that decreases as you go higher on the topper. The same way you can opt for the hearts to decorate all over, but not the cheesy way, small pretty shapes of the same color as the whole cake.

Unconventional style cake. Even though tiered each layer is not in the center part as the classic way and at the same time each layer has another design. One simple, one silver glittery touch, the topper with a beautiful white orchid.

Lamp inspired cake, the same way each layer another color but this time each layer another colors and the middle part an art design, colored flower print.

Black cake with white lace design, square tiered shape and each layer positioned differently.

In any combinations of colors one layer to have a licking line of small colored buttons on top, one layer all ruffled and shiny touch.

Golden touch details, silver brooches on even a simple white cake are of a great effect.


Creative ideas

Couture wedding cake ideas provoke you to be more creative. Despite of the trends and options let’s take into consideration that each one has another wedding theme and style. That being said you need to find a matching point with your own case. Go on monogramed style or even topper, wedding cake with hand piping, orchids and pulled sugar swirls, use metallic accents.

Also the colors will count as the combination of these will emphasize better the design and the intricate details of the cake. Vibrant orchid may be the trend of the year but warm gray and pink can also be a favorite pallet to choose.


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