Butterflies-Enchanting Ideas for Wedding Decorations

Setting the date of your wedding for the spring time, you could think of butterfly as your wedding decorations, since they have always been considered the symbol of joy and love, as well as change for the better. For the early periods of Christianity, butterfly was seen even as the soul itself bringing lightness and color to one’s life.  A butterfly theme is a great inspiration for wedding accessories and supplies, starting with the elementary things – wedding invitations and reaching the final part of a wedding reception – the wedding cake.

In fact, decorative items are incorporated in every element that builds the atmosphere of the wedding celebration, adorning as well the guests who attend to this special event. If you have your wedding day celebrated in the season of spring, then the choice of butterfly wedding decorations is something that comes as appropriate to the season. Just take into account that spring itself is the season of change, therefore the symbol of butterfly that goes as well for change integrates very well in the ambiance of your spring time wedding festivity.

If you start for instance with wedding invitations, there are plenty of butterfly wedding decorations used as items to adorn your wedding messages. You can use the seal and send wedding cards style that places a butterfly design as the seal of the folded card. You can opt for butterflies as beautiful background of your wedding cards. These types of butterfly themed wedding invitations can be also very cheap if you are gifted enough to use this pattern on the DIY wedding invitations.

Another way to use butterfly wedding decorations is for the bridal bouquet that will be held while walking down the aisle. You can delicately combine the plastic, colorful butterflies attached to long wire with the flowers in the bouquets, both that of the bride and the bridesmaids. The same can be done with the table centerpieces where the same symbol can be incorporated either in the floral arrangement or simply as table decorative item.

Butterfly wedding decorations can be found at any local bridal store that deals with various themes to be incorporated in the atmosphere of a wedding, not to mention the decorative items for wedding cakes. You can as well search for these symbols online and while browsing you can get other inspiring ideas on how to use butterfly as decorative piece for wedding favors and other things related to wedding celebration.

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