Cake design pretenses and trends

Not only the wedding dress and decorations are with an absolute need to be in trends. For a 100% fabulous wedding the cake is also with heaviness in style. At its turn it has a word to stay so hot wedding cake trends 2014 is surely a guide you may want to consult before making any decision.  

hot wedding cake trends 2014


Trends of 2014

When it comes about the delicious desserts at a wedding, the cakes, trends impose a daring style but never forgetting about the elegance required for this event. Here are a few hot wedding cake trends 2014:

Ruffled design cakes. Either being about flowers with a detailed design of such kind or just ruffles that embellish your cake this is one fabulous style to choose. For a sophisticated bride and groom, a wedding alike there must be a cake at high pretenses.

Metallic accents. Another trend this year for the cake design is the metallic look so you have a wide range of options in the name of this. It can be just so or dots over the marzipan, lines or any print style you want.

The “naked” style. This goes perfectly to a rustic wedding, a quite natural look meaning it has no finish but the layers with filling and decorations. Fruits are a great idea here.

Bold and imposing. If your intention is to amaze the guests with the cake this is your style. Break the classic rule with a tall cake, with unconventional shape but mostly focus on the contrast, bold colors are a must here and vibrant orchid is a trend for 2014.

Vintage style. Like that saying “classic never dies” there are plenty of options at this category that will always be in trends. And if you go on silver or glittery rose style you already have a gorgeous view cake.

Wedding cakes last details

Although the wedding decor may be of a certain nuance that shouldn’t be a limit to choose a different color for the cake. The hot wedding cake trends 2014 come with vibrant orchid, dazzling blue but also with sand, freesia or celosia orange.

As for the last part of all, the cake toppers, you can choose the complex style with “always and forever”, the rustic style with simple sign of “Mr. and Mrs.” or bride and groom silhouette, even in a personalized style along with a baby, a dog why not.

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